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The wines of South-West France reflect the beauty and variety of its landscapes and microclimates. At Vinitek Sudouest, we know that this region area offers a choice and style of wines unequalled by any other.

While the market for wine worldwide is increasingly dominated by a handful of internationally known grape varieties, producers in South-West France use grapes which produce wines with a truly unique identity and sense of place. All our producers’ vineyards are tiny compared to other wine-growing areas, some as small as just four hectares (Domaine de Mioula and Domaine de Sédouprat for example), so you won’t find many of our wines on supermarket shelves.

Our winemakers’ passion and know-how has been handed down from generation to generation.Their dedication to tradition and culture is not just a way of making a living, but more importantly a way of life. When you select a wine from Vinitek Sudouest, you will have chosen a wine full of character, quality and authenticity – a true reflection of the ‘terroir’ and the spirit of the South-West.

Bonne dégustation....

Karl Hanlon, Vinitek Sudouest.

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